Pageant Tips

Buy the right wardrobe to complete the pageant look

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You need to go to the pageant with the right stuff in your suitcase. You will need a bling-covered dress, for example. Think quality over super trendy; try a nice department store.

  • Make sure your clothing matches your age. If you’re a teenager, for example, you wouldn’t want to do a too-cute routine in a cupcake dress. If the pageant participant is your young toddler, you don’t want to cake on makeup or put them in too mature of a dress because judges won’t like it, and you child is too young for that anyway.
  • Try to pick an evening gown that matches your personality but is not too eye popping, trashy, or bubbly. For example, a gown that is too low cut or too short or has too much bling might be seen as trashy by some judges. Gowns that are too bubbly would include those with excessive feathers or tulle. You want an elegant look. For a swimsuit, pick a solid color two-piece bikini. Don’t make it too low cut.
  • For an interview, you should choose a classic dress with a belt, a sheath, or a skirt suit. Don’t show cleavage. 

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