Pick a talent that plays to your strengths

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It needs to be a talent that is appropriate, and it needs to be something you are comfortable doing. Choose something you’re good at, not something you think they want.

  • Good choices include tap dancing, playing an instrument, baton twirling, or singing. Whatever you pick, you need to know your routines perfectly so you can let your personality shine through instead of just trying to remember the moves.[7]
  • Avoid anything that seems at all vulgar or otherwise inappropriate. Practice your talent. Some beauty queens say they train for two hours a day at dance. You’re not going to be good at your routine if you don’t practice it.
  • Unless you’re really, really good at it, stay away from the usual routines in things like dance or gymnastics. There will be a lot of competition, and if you’re not advanced at it, you might look poor in comparison and score low. Write a list of things you’re great at and things you’re not to help you settle on a talent

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