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World Miss University (WMU) was established in 1986 by the United Nations under the patronage of the International Association of University Presidents IAUP, to commemorate the UN-designated year of peace.
On November 30, 1981, at the 36th UN General Assembly, Costa Rica proposed the establishment of the “International Day and Year of Peace”’ as requested by the IAUP Executive Committee. On this, 157 nations unanimously voted in favour of the cause (World Miss University Peace Emissary’s Award Contest). As a result of the summit, the 3rd Tuesday of September is now recognized as the “Day of World Peace”. In 1993, the UN under Secretary-General, Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky, conferred the status of “International Peace Emissaries” to all World Miss University participants on behalf of the UN Secretary-General.
Since its creation, World Miss University (WMU) has held 25th International Contests with undergraduates participating from all over the world. World Miss University is strongly dedicated to achieving world peace and engages in various campaigns and projects that promote love and harmony, Peace movement for a united world, Global Family, Members of the human race, Environmental campaign for our survival on earth

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