Vision and Mission


The contest aims at creating an opportunity for humankind to reflect upon world peace and promote global unity irrespective of race, gender, social status etc, and as a result it challenges areas that work against youth development activities such as:

Poverty and Economic hardships

Environmental degradation & Pollution

Immodest Dress Code

Discrimination & Disparity

Campus Cultism

Cultural disintegration

Drug Abuse

Ethnic and Ideological Conflicts etc.

To harmonize students of various tertiary institutions and instil youthful empowerment, gingering them towards the attainment of a desired goal.

To curtail indecency, and restore the moral pride and dignity of the Nigeria students, encouraging an exhibition of modest etiquette.

To redefine beauty pageantry amongst Nigeria youths, eliminate moral decadence and become the number one beauty contest in Nigeria. This way we hope to proffer lasting solutions to campus challenges.

To reduce the rate of sexual harassment between organizers of beauty contest and the participant, by encouraging a fair and unbiased judgment in regular pageantry.

Our Vision

  • To reduce the rate of ethnical discrimination
  • To empower youths (students) towards attainment of global peace